This document aims to provide a short introduction to Navigatrix, a Unix- (or, more specifically: Linux-) based operating system and applications suite developed by cruisers for cruisers. This introduction will provide you with an overview of the different bits and pieces that together make up Navigatrix and it will describe how some of these can be customized and extended.

This document is especially written for people who are familiar with the way Microsoft Windows works but who had only minimal exposure to Unix-based platforms. You can use Navigatrix without any knowledge of Linux/Unix. If you are familiar with Microsoft Windows you should easily be able to draw the analogies required to understand this document, which does not provide any basic Unix tutorial. If you are interested in getting a better understanding of Unix, there are a few good introductory tutorials on the web. There is also a YouTube video (approx. 1 hour).

Typographic conventions used in this text:

  • Menu entries are set in italics (as is emphasized text but the difference should be obvious from the context).

  • Path/file names are set in monospace.

  • Code and quoted script files are set like this:

    This is sample code
  • Keyboard shortcuts are set in monospace with individual keys enclosed in square brackets and the simultaneous pressing of keys denoted by “+”. For example, [ctrl]+[alt]+[T] means pressing the three keys “ctrl”, “alt”, and the letter “T” simultaneously (which launches a Terminal window).

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