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 Post subject: Leaving soon - need help before! 16GB vers + jpg recover

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I got the 8GB version from another sailor - and it's terrific!
I'm so glad I found this. My virus infested Windows Vista Notebook works great booted from the USB version and now I want to install the 16GB version - does anybody know where to get it?
I'm currently in La Playita anchorage in Panama.

Also, I want to rescue some pictures from the hard drive. They had been deleted, but with windows, I had success finding deleted jpg's with a recovery program.
I found some on Linux based - but it beats my skills to install it. And unfortunately, the help file shows for "Installing Additional Software: Coming Soon..."
Can anybody help?
I had found a package manager somewhere and think package most stand for program.
There, I did find something about lost jpg's - but I couldn't find how to activate that program.

Can anybody help?


 Post subject: Re: Leaving soon - need help before! 16GB vers + jpg recover

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Boot up Navigatrix and open a terminal and enter:

sudo photorec

Follow the instructions....if in doubt enter:

man photorec

beforehand for the manual. These manuals tend to be dense so if you don't understand what's going on checkout from the horse's mouth.

Good luck.

16GB is the same as the 8GB...which is the same as the 4GB version. What changes is the size of the persistent files 'root" and "home".

If you are just storing data (music, downloads, pictures, videos); you don't have to change anything.

However, if you are going to add additional software applications you might want to increase thes size of those persistent files. Take a look at

People who need/want more space/performance should consider a hard drive installation.

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