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 Post subject: Download Entire Websites In A Single Bound

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Say there is a website, or a part of a website, that you want to read...later.

For example, you are going back to the boat in the next 15 minutes and will set sail in the morning, but you want the well written and enjoyable Navigatrix Documentation to read when you have time, but maybe not an internet connection.

Download it and read it off the clock on your own time offline.

It's easy.
mkdir offline && cd offline
to make a directory to hold your treasure and change to it. (or wherever your hearts desire)
wget \
     -w 20 --random-wait \
     --recursive \
     --no-clobber \
     --page-requisites \
     --convert-links \
     --domains \
This command downloads the Web site

The options are:

  • -w 20 --random-wait: to avoid getting banned for too many requests in too short a time. The number (20) is time in seconds. This can be reduced, or the line eliminated if you laugh in the face of danger.

  • --recursive: download the entire Web site from entry point on down.

  • --no-clobber: don't overwrite any existing files (used in case the download is interrupted and

  • --page-requisites: get all the elements that compose the page (images, CSS and so on).

  • --convert-links: convert links so that they work locally, off-line.

  • --domains don't follow links outside

  • --no-parent: don't follow links outside the directory nxdoc. and inadvertantly download the entire site
Fire away and it will
FINISHED --2013-09-12 15:21:43--
Total wall clock time: 23s <----no random wait time; 22m 23s with random wait.
Downloaded: 65 files, 2.4M in 7.1s (347 KB/s)
Converting 22-0
Converting 9-0
Converting 4-0
Converting 17-0
Converting 4-0
Converting 38-0
Converting 3-0
Converting 22-0
Converting 4-0
Converting 2-0
Converted 10 files in 0.003 seconds.
Then you can either navigate to the directory with the File Manager or
wadda@mini:~/offline$ firefox -new-window file:////home/$USER/offline/
Then again you could just use the Scrapbook extension that is pre-installed in Firefox. It's just as effective, but not as much fun.

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