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 Post subject: File Manager Root Power

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In the 'old' File Manager there use to be a menu option to open a directory as root.

Now you can have the power back at your fingertips to really screw up your system.
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/file-manager/actions/

gksu medit  ~/.local/share/file-manager/actions/asroot.desktop
Paste in
[Desktop Entry]
Name = Open this as root
Tooltip = Directories in root
Icon = system-file-manager
Profiles = on_folder; on_file;

[X-Action-Profile on_folder]
Name = open a root File Manager on the current folder or on the selected folder
MimeTypes = inode/directory;
# note that this means strictly less than 2, as the equal sign is part of the DES syntax
SelectionCount = < 2
Exec = gksudo pcmanfm %d

[X-Action-Profile on_file]
Name = open a text editor of the selected item
MimeTypes = text/plain;
Exec = gksudo medit %f
Save, log out and back in.

Now, when you right click on a directory in the File Manager, toward the bottom of the popup is the option to open this as root. It will open directories in a new root File Manager.

Right click on a text file and it will open in the Text Editor (medit) as root.
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