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I have installed Navigatrix in an old eeepc that was with no actual use. After sailing 1500 nm with it I find it to be amazing.
The last 500 nm with the gps and ais receiver offered that make the system a complete plotter. I found very helpful installing No machines NX (free server) that makes easy to access and control the system from any android device. This makes a repeater of any tablet or phone.
You need a router, as android can not make point to point connections, but here again I had an old router with 12v (AC) power supply that can be connected directly to 12V boat's service, and a net is easily created.
Hope it helps other sailors to enjoy this great software.

Good winds,

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I went and had a look, it was a 35-37MB download. I put it on another machine on the LAN.

Point and click. It really could not easier. It also appears to have less lag, and easier configuration, than other remote desktops I've used.

Thanks for the tip.

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Thanks this is great advice. I just tried nomachine on mac and Android Tab connecting to Navigatrix. Also just a 12v wifi router for £4 in a charity shop.

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