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 Post subject: 35 Days Non-stop

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I picked up a copy of Navigatrix. It was installed on "the boat's computer." The boat's computer runs everything; SSB Winlink connection; route planing and tracking; education (big fan of offline Wikipedia) , music, podcasts, and movies.

We fired up the computer and left the Galapagos. Three days later the wind eased. By the end of the week the wind died. But the computer ran the entire time without even a hiccup all the way to the Marquesas when we turned it off 35 days later.

35 days of 'uptime' is not excessively long for Linux machines. But from my past experience it's a long time.

 Post subject: Re: 35 Days Non-stop

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Ah ha - I've just done Fort Lauderdale - Bermuda - Azores - Gibraltar - Marseilles, with it running glitchless for 37 days!!

I've become a great fan but still have a heck of a lot to learn!


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