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 Post subject: Virus Alert!

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I was reading a random web site's about viruses in a Linux system. It goes on to state that in spite of the 'market share' argument, a Linux system is more resistant to virus, worms, trojans, etc. blah blah blah.

I was curious. I've never run a virus check. I don't use any virus scanning prevention at I scanned the machine. I downloaded, installed, and ran a virus scanner on my Navigatrix machine.

Excepting nothing I was shocked when the scan showed I had 17....seventeen virus on my hard drive.

I wracked my brain trying to remember who I was with and if we exchanged more than greetings. I looked at the files; It was Armel, in the Tuamotus. He gave me a USB stick with some information on French Polynesia. I copied the whole stick to sift through later. His machine was step away from being a zombie-bot in the next global cyber-attack; or just being a data corrupted malfunctioning machine.

That's curious. A virus? Me? In an overwhelming impulse I ran one of these programs to see what would happen.

Nothing. No replication. No root-kit. No erased or gabbled data. No nothing, from any of them. It didn't matter if they're malicious code or not. It was unaffected.

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