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 Post subject: Is there an easier way?

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Hi Velero,
Thank you very much for the documentation.

Is it possible to download the entire document to access is offline?
I won't have internet access, soon and hadn't had the time to read all.
I'd love to have it for future reference.

On Mozilla, I can only open one page at a time (which makes it very slow).
On the safari of ipad, it shows all the topics on one page, but I cannot make a pdf or transfer it to a word doc without losing all the pics.

Any suggestion?

Also, does anybody now if there is a way to download all the posts of all categories?
I too busy now with provisioning etc., but love to look at them under way - and without internet access.


 Post subject: Re: Navigatrix Documentation

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In your web browser look at your Scrapbook.

You can save any web page for reading offline by scrapbooking it.

If you go down the menu a ways you can Save As... and select the depth of a page you want to save; that is how many links it should chase down and store for offline use.

Take a look and you will see what a handy tool it is.

 Post subject: Re: Navigatrix Documentation
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As an alternative to Scrapbook for the purpose of downloading a local copy of the documentation pages, you could also use wget. It makes it a bit easier to restrict the download only to the documentation pages. This can be difficult to control with Scrapbook's "Depth of links to follow" option which will also follow external links (and onwards from there). In addition, wget will convert links between the pages you download to local links so that you can browse across the local downloaded pages.

To download via wget do the following:
(1) In the File Manager create a directory into which you want to save the documentation.

(2) Open this new, empty directory in the File Manager and then press [F4]. This will open a terminal window set to this new directory.

(3) At the prompt in the terminal window enter (you can copy the text below, place the cursor at the terminal prompt and press [ctrl]+[shift]+[V] to paste it at the prompt):
wget -r -np -nH --cut-dirs=1

This will download all pages, required images and style sheets for the documentation and display its progress while it's busy.

(4) Once the download is complete double click on the file index.html to access your local version of the documentation

If you haven't already done so, check out Scrapbook in any case - it is a *very* handy tool, especially for downloading complex individual pages. Perhaps there is also a simple way to restrict the download of multiple pages as described above and I simply haven't figured it out yet...

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