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There seems to be a documentation around, but I can't find it on the website.
I am trying hard since a year to get N running on two different computers put keep running into severe problems everywhere. They just keep freezing and crashing as well as I cant find a comport access to get Pactor working.
I thought I might get lucky searching the documentation but can't find access to it.
Anybody knows where it is hidden?

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Posts: 116 has the documentation with installation instructions. For specific issues, you will find more detailed info by searching the forum, e.g. for "Patcor". For most people the com port setup for Airmail/Pactor works automatically with the following sequence:
[1] Computer powered an running Navigatrix _without_ Airmail running
[2] Connect Pactor to USB port and power up Pactor
[3] Launch Airmail

Good luck!

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