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Making a copy to a friend
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Author:  Phil171 [ 18 Sep 2012, 03:08 ]
Post subject:  Making a copy to a friend

It seems this short cut doesn't work...

I click on it, a new screen appears, I introduce a 16GB MicroSD, nothing appends.
Should I wait for a long time before it copy ?

When I close this program, Desktop is empty of icons, they have disappear !

Author:  Moe [ 18 Sep 2012, 18:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Making a copy to a friend

What does happen and what should happen can be two different things.

The script that you're running first checks the new medium to see if the enough space to complete the process.

If and when the machine can determine there is enough space there are a couple acknowledgements; yes, proceed; yes, copy the charts; yes, be kind to small animals....

If you are never asked the third you should be kind anyway.

What it looks like it's doing is waiting for the insertion of the new medium. Yes, I understand that you have just inserted a 16Gig SD card, and yes it meets all the requirements....but, and this is the thing that drives women to drink and grown men to tears....on some machines the card readers are connected to the pci bus and not the usb bus. These machines frequently will not boot from a SD card either.

The script is looking for the media on the USB bus, and the BIOS, while usually allowing booting from a USB device does not include the card slot if it is not on the bus with the other children.

In this case you could use the Startup Disk Creator and make the SD card from the navigatrix ISO...but you most likely would not be able to boot from that card on that machine...if my analysis is correct.

Author:  Phil171 [ 20 Sep 2012, 18:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Making a copy to a friend

You're right, Maurice,
Because it is an SD card, system dosn't recognise it as valid bootable support. I'll try another way, with an UBS stick.
Thanks for the remark.

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