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 Post subject: can't donload whole navigatrix.iso

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I'm trying to download .iso from american site. THe site says the file shuold be 1.3 GB but I'm receiving 120 up to 190 MB only!... So installation fails then.
Any help?

 Post subject: Re: can't donload whole navigatrix.iso

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It looks like you're timing out on the intertube webby thing.

I would recommend using a download manager like "DownThemAll" or some other download manager.

This will restart the process if your download times out, that is, the download get delayed for too long and your current method forgets where it was....or it can restart the download process from where you left off if you drop your connection, if you turn off the machine and go to lunch, or tha fabulous European Vactation for 3 weeks. ...yes, it is that good. This is why DownThemAll is pre-installed on the Navigatrix system.

If you use Firefox as a web browser go to Tools>Add-ons and then search for...and install Down_Them_All...or the like....and then retry.

The Navigatrix servers are configured to resume any download at any point there might be an interruption.

Good luck.

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