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 Post subject: Download V 0.5 (May 2014) - torrent link very, very slow

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I've been trying to download the new version for days now.
My data limit is 1GB/day, so I tried the torrent download.
However, often, it doesn't download anything, or it starts somewhat fast and then gets slower and slower til it stops. Restarting BitTorrent program helps sometimes...

Is there maybe something wrong with the torrent?


 Post subject: Re: Download V 0.5 (May 2014) - torrent link very, very slow

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Unfortunately the torrent is working as it does.

When the torrent first became available there were a number of seeds, some with large pipes. But with the updates since then we have lost a few of them on the network.

Until there are a greater number the distribution burden is shared by those who download and the entire network benefits when people 'hang around to seed'.

Given your limitations of 1GB/day, and possible traffic shaping by your ISP, maybe a torrent is not the way for you to go. If there were 8 seed, for example, it would be a different story. The more there are the easier it is for everyone. You would have negligible upload with near (real, not advertised) capacity of your connection.

It's understandable those who have an electrical or data budget are pressed to justify the benefits.

The 'normal' server server links are slow because the hosting company's "unlimited bandwidth" account doesn't really mean that.

However, because of your data limit and the current state of the iso in the distributive torrent network, they will give you more GB for your 1 GB than a torrent with an imbalance of seeds to seekers.

Sometimes either option is painfully slow.

If anyone could spare some space and bandwidth, it will help out. Or, just seed the torrent for a while is a benefit for everybody.

 Post subject: Re: Download V 0.5 (May 2014) - torrent link very, very slow

Joined: 01 Mar 2013, 05:14
Posts: 12
Hi Moe,

Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed reply!
I'd be happy to help seeding, but with data limited it's hard.

However, I've found a way to download the 2.3G and installed it on HD, and it works!
Even the wifi that I couldn't get to work on that old notebook with the previous version.
Had only a quick look so far, but it looks great, quite some improvements it seems!
Looking forward to having a closer look.

Did put up a sign in Whangarei Marina, NZ that I'm happy to copy for anybody intersted (one so far). Will do same once in Fiji.

Many regards!

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