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 Post subject: having trouble conecting to wifi

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When connecting with Wifi to go on line I use a password open my connection Then I get a box wanting me to put in a password for key ring. I have a password for user and a password for my wifi conection. Niether works in key ring.Key ring will not except my password which is the computer password. I can click off the key ring box and the WiFi password works most of the time. It doesn't seem correct that once I have put in a wifi password the keyring should come up asking for a password. Any Idea's anybody? Thanks for any help.

 Post subject: Re: having trouble conecting to wifi

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You must've been prompted previously for a keyring password, and chosen one. This has happened to me also,it is like extra security I guess. When prompted for the key ring, it seems to be related to the wi-fi, but is asking for a keyring password. This is separate and different from your wi-fi password, unless you chose to make them the same. Double check that your "caps-on/off" is correct. What I mean is, my home network is "all caps". When the keyring pops up, and I enter it, it is case sensitive to what is being entered. My keyring password is NOT "all caps". If that does NOT work, you will have to re-install the operating system, and start over (been there and done that too).
Hopefully someone else will chime in with helpful information and you can avoid that. Best regards, Cleve

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