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We have just got sorted with a SAT phone and Iridium 9555. We have signed up with Mailasail and want to do the whole deal using Navigatrix. Is this possible? We see there is a Gribfile viewer but not sure if there is a way to to connect the SAT phone through Navigatrix? We are loathed to use Microsoft or Mac as we a see the issues of updates etc. We are just after simple. Thanks

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Menu> Navigation> Grib Files (zygrib) is straight forward.

If you're old enough to remember dial-up modems and connection, it's roughly the about the same speed, without the acoustic coupler.

You use the swanky "Satellite Connection" to ring up the Iridium gateway, when you're connected you just tell the application to fetch the GRIB file you want. When it's done , or you're done, closed the connection.

It's the same process as using an ethernet connection...without the dialling the satellite part. Practise with the wifi, and do a test with phone.

Just remember to limit your data choices to the amount you're willing to pay because it is painfully slow. Oh_so_painful. But when you're out on passage you don't need that much, just a confirmation your expectation and preparation are still matched with what is happening.

The email setup with Mailasail I know nothing about. We use our regular email accounts.

Menu> Navigation> Sailboat Router (qtVLM) is a souped up zygrib by the same group. I've only used it in a virtual sailboat race, so I'm not any help there either.

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