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open cpn version 4
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Author:  george [ 25 Feb 2015, 02:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: open cpn version 4

Hi All.

I am blown away by the amazing work that is going on in Opencpn 4.0, Navigatrix and all the fabulous open source plugins for Opencpn.

Clearly Linux and Opencpn have achieved a critical mass and are now dominating,

Opencpn will eventually kill all commercial navigation packages and governments etc will start to write plugins that they can add to Opencpn and freely give away,

Linux / Android /Ubuntu will continue to grow and push paid Operating systems out.

It is a great time for Open-source navigating / Cruising.

I am also very excited by the Lantern / outernet One way satellite Internet Data feed project.

I love Navigatrix 5 but I feel it would be great to have a new version embracing the new Opencpn 4.0 .
I agree its easy for me to say but all the fantastic programs pre set up on Navigatrix are very handy and impossible for me to set up in Ubuntu by myself.

I have installed 4.0 in Ubuntu and I love it.

The new opengl acceleration is amazing. I am telling any one that will listen to buy at least an intel i3 processor to run Opencpn 4.0 with all the features turned on. I am running satellite image overlays AIS overlay etc and I LOVE being able to zoom in and out at 80 FPS.

Running powerful navigation software on a weak machine is a false economy in my opinion.

I intend to run Navigatrix as my main navigation system as I just love the way it is put together, It would take me for ever to get my Ubuntu even remotely configured to run the RTL soundcard AIS etc.

Keep up the great work.

Please consider a new release for Opencpn 4.0.

PS I run Navigatrix on the donated old computer here for the local kids to use and it has been an amazing learning success. Virus free and lots of kids learning to type and computerize,


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