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PolarView instalation
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Author:  fabio_r_silva [ 26 Dec 2015, 17:10 ]
Post subject:  PolarView instalation


I'm trying to install PolarView on Navigatrix, I download the FILE and followed the instructions ( ... tructions/).

Lather I added the NOAA charts and everything works. The problem is, when I reboot the system the folder I created and installed the PolarView just disappeared???

The details of the instalation:
- PEN Drive 8GB
- Navigatrix V. 0.5

--Install source file:

--Scripts to install PolarView:
cd /home/nx
sudo mkdir polarnavy
cd polarnavy
sudo tar -zxf /home/nx/Downloads/PolarView-2.0.6.tar.gz

-- To execute PolarView:
/home/nx/polarnavy/bin/PolarView &

I'm quite new in Linux so I have no idea why this folder is disappeared after restart.

All the best!

Author:  Moe [ 26 Dec 2015, 20:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: PolarView instalation

PolarView is already installed. Look at the Menu> Navigation

Name= Instrument Panel
Name[es]=Panel de Instrumentos
Name[fr]=Tableau d'instuments
poarview.png [ 166.93 KiB | Viewed 17352 times ]
But to answer your other questions.

You might not have a persistence file in the LiveCD version you're running. This persistence file preserves system modifications from one boot to the next.

When Navigatrix boots from the stick there is a blue screen with 4 function keys listed <F1><F2><F3><F4> linked to menu options in various languages.

Select one.

Select "Other Options" in the menu that pops up.

Select Create 1/2/or 4GB Persistence File.

The rule of thumb is

1- 4GB stick
2- 8GB
4- 16GB or larger

When that is grinding away, grab a quick coffee/beer; it takes a few minutes.

The system will boot when it is finished.

Now, modifications made will carry over from one boot to the next.

This is also a good way to get a 'factory fresh' system if you have mangled your system beyond your desire to figure out how to fix it....just start over.

Author:  fabio_r_silva [ 09 Jan 2016, 20:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: PolarView instalation

Dear Moe,

Thanks for your reply!

I know the Polar View Instrument Panel is already installed, what I`m trying to install is the PolarView Chartploter.

I proceed as you sad, reboot the system -> Help -> Other Options -> Create 2GB Persistent File.
Created a new directory under (/opt) and unzipped the PolarView file into it. Everything works but, again, after the reboot the directory was gone with the files.

I tried in some different directories as well but the result was the same, after reboot everything disappear.

Sorry, I`m not an expert in Linux, hope you can help me on that.
All the best!

Author:  Moe [ 09 Jan 2016, 21:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: PolarView instalation

It's a mystery because I located the tarball (archive) and followed the instructions.

Everything was there.

The only difference I can see are the commands you listed are not the same commands PolarNavy tells you to use.

It shouldn't make any difference, but what happens if you follow their instructions and unpack the achieve in the location they recommend?
pv_linux_install1.png [ 50.45 KiB | Viewed 17174 times ]
The difference would be command for the location of the downloaded archive would be
sudo tar -zxf /home/nx/Downloads/PolarView-2.0.6.tar.gz
and not /tmp/PolarView-1.2.tar.gz

Because...otherwise I got nothin'... I can't replicate the problem, and I can't see where the process is running off track.

Author:  Moe [ 09 Jan 2016, 21:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: PolarView instalation

Try this:
Add a directory to the /opt branch
sudo mkdir /opt/test
Add a empty file to that directory
sudo touch /opt/test/its_something_else
sudo reboot
when the system comes back, see if the file is still there
ls /opt/test
and then
sudo rm -rf /opt/test
to clean up.

If it is indeed something else, then you need to contact PolarNavy. They sell their product, and if they are want to earn the money, rather than just take it, they should know.

Author:  fabio_r_silva [ 09 Jan 2016, 22:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: PolarView instalation


I created the directory and file.
After reboot the file/directory disappear:

nx@nx:/opt$ ls /opt/test
ls: cannot access /opt/test: No such file or directory

All the best!

Author:  Moe [ 10 Jan 2016, 04:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: PolarView instalation

You are loosing your persistence file. (Or, it was never created -properly)

When you boot into the system the filesystem looks like
2016-01-10_025653_1440x900.png [ 106.43 KiB | Viewed 17153 times ]
If you try to add up the sizes you'll see it's bigger on the inside than on the outside. The closest to reality is /dev/sdb1 at 7.5GB.

What it looks like from the outside, using another system to look at the LiveCD
6059-CECC - File Manager_055RRR.png
6059-CECC - File Manager_055RRR.png [ 154.37 KiB | Viewed 17153 times ]
Personal data (your stuff) can be accessed though here.

If you have not put data in these directories (including VIDEOS which was hidding when I made the graphic) , you cannot get it out of the system unless you boot the system. In these directories data is available, whenever, where ever, unless it's on fire. You can place data here when you're not running Navigatrix, and the data will be there after you boot the system.

It's this smoke and mirrors that makes it so versatile and still be near bulletproof.

But smoke and mirrors cause problem as there is only so much room on a 8GB stick. First, they're 7 point something GB and then when you load in a system and skeletal filesystem, a persistence file, a few charts, GRIBs, etc., there's not much room left.

I'm speculating you are loading, or have already loaded 2 tonnes of fertiliser in a 1 tonne truck. When you created the file, there is/was not enough space for the creation of the 2GB persistence file. The system acts like it's creating the file, but it lies.

Depending how you are budgeting your space, and whatever is taking up the space, you might try a 1GB persistence file to squeeze in.

...or install all your system file and store your data on the laptop's hard drive. It's your choice.

Regardless, a full USB stick will start to behave badly.

Author:  petergibbons [ 12 Feb 2017, 09:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: PolarView instalation

I had the same problem> new to Linux OS, so this probably isn't an elegant solution, but it got things working. Polar View (Chart Plotter) is installed at (Filesystem Root) /opt/PolarView.

PolarCOM (instruments only) is just above in dir.

Start Menu > Run > (and then type) /opt/PolarView/PolarView
will get it up and running, but it will still not appear in the Start Menu under Navigation. To sort this I went to the Software Centre (under preferences) and installed Menu Libre (a menu editor). Software Centre handles the install of this without hassle. It is pretty straightforward to add an item and then point it at the directory listing above. Clicking the blank icon allows you to add the directory listing of the icon in the same folder.

Unfortunately, the version of Polar View installed is an older version and does not contain the PolarView user login page, only a license request, which newer PolarView users will not have.

As all of the files and folders in the PolarView install have the same names as the most recent update, I simply unpacked the download ( from the Polar Navy website) into the folder above (Filesystem Root) /opt/PolarView and it worked just fine.

One other thing, I had trouble configuring the GPS port, as there does not seem to be a logical (well, to me anyway) GPDS option, but is linked to a file that I could not trace. However, I discovered that if PolarCOM instruments are running the file gets connected and can be configured by right clicking on the on PolarCOM tray icon ( right hand side). It would be logical to get PolarCOM to autorun on startup, but I haven't figured that out yet.

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