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 Post subject: What laptop is better for new Navigatrix

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Hi! Planning to buy new laptop and ask you to share any experience of installing&operating it on modern models. My goal is budget but enough powerful machine to work with sound and video (i use openshot for video). Thanks in advance for any answers!

 Post subject: Re: What laptop is better for new Navigatrix

Joined: 19 Jun 2012, 04:29
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And it is also important either new version can run on 64 bit version processors, as well as all modern models are use to 64-bits

 Post subject: Re: What laptop is better for new Navigatrix

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I use an Eee PC from ASUS... low power, has pretty good bells and whistles for what it is... runs for about 6 hours on the battery.

And I run it from a 32gig SD card in the slot, plenty of room and it doesn't fudge with the windows install.

$14 on Amazon for a cig lighter charger so I can charge it while running the engine...

Cheap, light, small... low power...

cheap, light, small, low power... and EASY to replace when this one takes a crap...

The BIGGER and BADDER the laptop you buy is... the more $$$$ it will cost to repalce when it takes a dump... And it will with all the salt air...

My Thinkpad with ALL the bells and whistles sits in a bag until I'm at port...and that's when I need/want the cellular modem that it has...

The flip side of that is - IF my Netbook takes a dump "out there" somewhere, I can boot my Thinkpad from the SD card and carry on...

 Post subject: Re: What laptop is better for new Navigatrix

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Could you clarify about your needs and your budget?
Is this going to be dedicated for Navgatrix only or it will be used as your own laptop with option of using it for Navigatrix?

Either way (specially if laptop will be used for personal stuff) I recommend to head over to hardware specialty forums (let say Tom's Hardware). You will find people who know models/prices by heart!

 Post subject: Re: What laptop is better for new Navigatrix

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Hello I'm new here but, if your looking for one great laptop to rune this software light and very power full.
The hp tc4400 it's a business class laptop
Very upgradable.
The specs on mine are as followed:

Intell core duo T2500 1.87ghz
3GB DDR2 pc-6400
32gb SSD
16 SD card
14.0" CCFL LCD <-----converting the CCFL bulb to an LED Strip.
Convertible w/touch pen. (Making this a tablet at the same time.

the unit also has expand ability with the optional docking station and one PCMCIA slot with a serial card bus installed.

Two batteries yes the unit dose support two of them.

Now for everything listed I spend laround 200 Dillard's on this setup the ho tc4400 goes for about 100bucks on ebay.
A 32GB SSD come at around 29 dollars.

The only part that remained on the boart is the docking station but, I am lazy and left this laptop in my boat for over 3 month ( 1986 Robalo 2520 center console) this week I pull the Laptop out of the boat to check for corrosion. And to my amazement there was none on the internals at all.
The glass on the LCD did salt deposite around the edge from my fingers and spash water.

TC4400 wa an American build unit with more quality in it than anything you would find on the market. Fully upgradable but other than adding one 2gb ram stick an a small ssd. Lots of accessories. And for less then what you would spend on a new laptop this is the best navigation PC I have ever had the pleasure to build.

P.S. To the guys at Navigatrix I just installed your software yesterday 7/30/2014 and every driver was in the software. So it is replacinge my windows 7 x32 installation that gave me only 3.3gb of disk space.

Cudos guys for a great set up.

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