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No depth sentence?
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Author:  Saqqara [ 22 Nov 2012, 12:40 ]
Post subject:  No depth sentence?

I had Polarcom working on Ubuntu 12 with a direct connection to the USB/serial converter. I had GPS information and depth from my Garmin GPSMAP working. But running Navigatrix and using Polarcom via GPSD I still have GPS information but it is not receiving the Depth (DBT) and Odometer (ODO) information anymore.

Any suggestions on how to restore this? I'll be adding a wind instrument soon, which hopefully the GPS will relay

The trackpad on my Dell Mini 10v netbook seems not to work properly, and I miss the slick interface of the latest Ubuntu for general computing, but having essential navigation things work properly is more important and I'm a little closer.

Author:  Saqqara [ 22 Nov 2012, 13:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: No depth sentence? ... 28324.html

This describes my problem, don't really understand the solution.

Author:  Saqqara [ 22 Nov 2012, 14:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: No depth sentence?

I just read an encouraging post that says that gpsd supports SDDBT sentence since March of this year. Now I need to figure out how to update since the version in Navigatrix seems to be from 2011.

Author:  Moe [ 22 Nov 2012, 15:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: No depth sentence?

I understand graphic pizazz as a siren's song. It helps to have the hardware so it doesn't become a burden when you just want the information without the presentation. Sometimes it's hard to find the balance.

I'm also a real big fan of gpsd. It is a very sophisticated bit of software. But sometimes its sophistication can be a problem.

NMEA is dropping, or already has dropped some sentences from its protocol and the gpsd might not be parsing that data. Let's see if the information you seek is in the data stream.

Open a terminal (<ctrl><alt><t>) and enter:

gpspipe -n 40 -R> Desktop/GPS_Output

This will put 40 lines of gpsd output into a text file on your desktop.

Open the text file and see if the NMEA sentence you need made it through the gpsd.

Author:  Moe [ 22 Nov 2012, 16:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: No depth sentence?

Saqqara wrote:
I just read an encouraging post that says that gpsd supports SDDBT sentence since March of this year. Now I need to figure out how to update since the version in Navigatrix seems to be from 2011.

The latest version of Navigatix uses gpsd 2.95 which was the 'best practice' version at the time of the release.

If you are using Navigatrix on a USB stick you are using a mode called "LiveCD". While it is possible to modify the content of a LiveCD for the most part it is not worth the hassle.

If you've installed Navigatrix on your hard drive...then modification and updating is an easier matter...although not without the potential for problems.

Accessing source code for the newest version of gpsd is easy. However, the new gpsd requires updated tools to build it that are not readily compatible with Long Term Support version on which Navigatrix is based (python >= 2.7.1, scons >= 2.0.1). I've not checked if a pre-compiled debian package of a newer version would meet all the dependency requirements.

...then there is the question, "What will break?" when a new version is wedged in to the system.

Normally curiosity gets the better of me and I would give it a go. Unfortunately, experience of being in a location with marginal internet access and gearing to head off on another passage in a few days tells me it will have to wait.

Experience also tells me those more capable of addressing this question are either working, off cruising, or prudently silent....but eventually this will be addressed.

Author:  Saqqara [ 23 Nov 2012, 11:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: No depth sentence?

Thanks for your suggestions, I won't be untying from the pier anytime soon so no risk if I mess anything up.

Author:  Moe [ 23 Nov 2012, 18:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: No depth sentence?

If you are looking to put gpsd3.7 on your machine. GPSD3.7 also requires libgps20. If you build it will be there. The packages are individual so you would need to download it as well.

However, it will be an educational journey. The ready-made package(s) requires libc6 >= 2.15. I think this breaks many things. It might not be worth the effort.

On the other hand, the literature for gpsd3.7 doesn't say anything about libc6 needing to be anything. But the literature also says gpsd will build with python2.5 and run with python2.6+.

To add to the confusion it's not entirely true. TO build 3.7 you need SCons >= 2.0.1; which requires python2.7something to install. You might get away with building SCons from source and side stepping the python2.7 problem...but then you have to build SCons from source.

My recommendation is to install python2.7 by hook or by crook. You might have to edit /etc/apt/sources.list; changing "lucid" to "Oneiric"...or "Maverick". Reload your repositories. Install python2.7 and SCons while you're at it.

Because if you install python2.7 from an egg, or similar method I think there is not the marker for the SCons package to 'know' that the python is updated. I don't know.

Change /ect/apt/sources.list back to what it was...reload before you forget. I heard it happens.

Build and install gpsd3.7 and see if it works. What's the worst that could happen?

While you're at it pick up OpenCPN 3.1.1105 it's beta, but you're adventurous. It also requires libtinyxml which can be found around. They fixed some bad (IMO fatal) display bugs; fix the gpsd thingy that had me bent for two years. All around an improvement....oh, and if you do, you need to edit the script "opencpngnuais" to point to the changed location.

Good luck.

Author:  Moe [ 27 Nov 2012, 22:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: No depth sentence?

Ok, the winds went light and we didn't leave. I did, however head into town for a good internet connection.

The bad news is that I failed to put in gpsd 3.7. The good news is I am getting faster at rebuilding my system after I completely screw it up.

I'm not saying it can't be done or that you can't do it. I just wasn't able to do it...twice. I did learn some things and maybe third time is a charm...but for certain it will have to wait.

Since you stated you were getting data in Ubuntu the interim you might want to look at it was referenced in

This would take care of any multiplexing that the gpsd does (except for integration of your gps into the system) and it doesn't mean the module (driver) for your gps will be taken care of...but if you really want depth above all can handle that.

To make it work and not have conflicts with the gpsd, the gpsd should be turned off from starting automagically.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gpsd

...and then read the screen and follow the prompts.

Good luck....let us know the good, bad, and the ugly....

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