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Bluetooth connection and OpenCPN First Start
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Author:  [email protected] [ 01 Dec 2012, 05:23 ]
Post subject:  Bluetooth connection and OpenCPN First Start

when I connect via bluetooth to AIS, the first start of OPENCPN I do not see the GPS data and of' AIS. If I unplug the bluetooth and immediately connect again everything works perfectly. Any idea?

Author:  Moe [ 01 Dec 2012, 07:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bluetooth connection and OpenCPN First Start

Without OpenCPN ever being started and bluetooth plugged in do you you receive gps/ais data via xgps (Menu> Navigation> GPS Satellites)?

If you do receive data via xgps does it stop when you start OpenCPN while the bluetooth is still attached?

If you start OpenCPN first and *then* plug in the bluetooth does it recognize it?

I'm trying to find out if it's the script that runs when OpenCPN is started that prevents port hopping is at fault with the gpsd recognizing the bluetooth.

The scenario I have in mind is the script knocks out the bluetooth reassigning it to a new device , and it's only with re-insertion that the hotplugging features startup again....just a thought.

Only if no one else speaks up....I don't have any bluetooth to test, and really....a day later than planned I am leaving on passage and will be back in a few weeks...that's the plan anyway.

Author:  iv3xhr [ 05 Dec 2012, 11:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bluetooth connection and OpenCPN First Start

I've the same problem but not only with opencpn, with airmail also
the first time I try to connect the pactor modem with bluetooth maneger the connection seems good but airmail doesn't listen anything
I have to open the bt connection, immediately connect it again and everything goes perfectly
same music with opencpn and the connection bt with the nmea bt talker
the first connection doesn't give any good result
the second is always perfect
so something is wrong not only with opencpn but with the managing of bt connection
btw: with the previous version of navigatrix, in another pc, I haven't problems
only with the last version thare are
any idea ?

Author:  Moe [ 05 Dec 2012, 16:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bluetooth connection and OpenCPN First Start

Two years ago I bought a bluetooth dongle to do some experimenting.

Going home I went to untie the dinghy and the dongle slipped out of my shirt pocket into the ooze 10 meters below.

I know nothing of bluetooth and its magic.

That being said I think it's the comport script that I had mentioned. I don't know what the fix is. I'm a month away from even getting another dongle to test any hair-brained hypothesis that wouldn't break something else.

The people who wrote and inserted the script (to fix some problem) are off doing life stuff.

However, long time Navigatrix, and bluetooth, user LA7QZ, Owen is pretty good at finding and resolving those problems. He might have a solution...until then it looks like a 2 step plug...sorry.

...and yes, a week later, tomorrow is the day of departure.

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