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 Post subject: New User very impressed, installed two machines one works!

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First I am very impressed with this packaging of linux. It is the first time in over 10 years of trying linux that I have ever gotten it to work reliably or usable!

I ran it off of a dvd on an old prisero 2100. It worked so good I selected the install to Hard Drive option.... Things went down hill from there, but I would love to keep trying this on the hard drive. Currently the machine won't even boot.

Since I was on an old machine running XP, I decided to see if installing to the Hardrive made a difference in speed, selected the install to hard drive, machine would not boot would only give me a grub rescue prompt. I reinstalled again and now I get a error that says: attempt to read or write outside of (Hd0). Grub Rescue.....

Here is my boot-repair-disk file:

Any ideas?

OldFred on the ubuntu forum solved it:
Link: ... st12846201

" Is BIOS hard drive setting at Large/LBA, but not IDE nor RAID? That sometimes makes a difference.

Also some BIOS and/or grub have issues with boot files beyond either 100 or 130GB on a drive. The only work around for that is to shrink Windows more and have either a smaller /boot or small / (root) with separate /home or shared NTFS data partition for rest of drive. All boot files or entire /boot must be inside the first 100GB of drive. "

Edited some hours later.

 Post subject: Re: New User very impressed, installed two machines one work

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I've heard about the BIOS limit on some (older) computers...that is, the BIOS having instructions to look for a bootloader up through sector 1024 on a hard disk. But I've never experienced it, and the likelihood I will gets more remote everyday.

I'm glad you figured it out.

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