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battery charging probs
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Author:  kenkoknz [ 15 Nov 2013, 22:14 ]
Post subject:  battery charging probs

With the power adaptor plugged in; while using the laptop it seems to cycle thru charge and discharging the battery (i guess it is recyclying the charge, in a batt which is a good thing), however sometimes it just discharge completely and shut down the laptop (while power adaptor plugged in), happens quite a few time. Is there anything i can set to just keep the batt charging whenever the adaptor is plug in?

Author:  Moe [ 16 Nov 2013, 08:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: battery charging probs

Ken, I don't think this is a software issue.

I know there is shirking responsibility and finger pointing between hardware and software people all the time...but everyone forgets they can blame mechanical people and get themselves both off the hook.

I ran into a guy in French Polynesia who, after plugging in his power adaptor, had to pull out the connector 2mm or it wouldn't work. He ended up putting an 'o' ring on the connector as a spacer.

This may not be your problem, but it sounds like somthing is loose, or something 'mechanical' (battery/charger) is on it's way out.

Author:  kenkoknz [ 16 Nov 2013, 15:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: battery charging probs

Just a long shot, ubuntu/nx seems so magically configarable, i just thought that maybe there is a config file for ¨xfce power manager¨ that controls bat charging (ie stop charging when bat reach 100% and start charge again at 10% etc), as when the batt reached 100% i noticed the charge led is off (issue is; it does not comes back on sometimes and just run out of battery, this is with ac plug in).

btw, am i correct in assuming that most if not all programs in ubuntu/nx have one or more txt files that you can edit to change all sort of goodies? would be great if there is more info about this.

Will chk hw, thanks Moe.


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