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Author:  Atmo [ 28 Jan 2014, 05:03 ]
Post subject:  Wifi

Hi guys,

Just installed NX on Bootkamp and it did find my Huawei E5 Mifi right away.
Via Airport that is. After a few start ups it did not connect anymore. It just doesn't find the Network any more.The same setup works on my toughbook with no problems at all.
Any clues?


Author:  Moe [ 28 Jan 2014, 19:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wifi

When something is working and then stops working it falls into 4 categories; operator, configuration, hardware, or mystery.

If the initial installation worked a few times, and you rule out operator and hardware...and nothing was changed by you, rather than looking for something 'we know not what'...we would be looking for a pattern that sets up the failure.

Working --------------[what happened??]------------------Not Working

a fresh install might be the means to test if there is a 'dark hand' involved and your machine is changing something that creates a failure.

Author:  Atmo [ 29 Jan 2014, 15:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wifi

Yes, that makes sense......,
having three operating systems run on a seven year old Macbook 13 with a dual core processor might do some things on the mystery level.
It's just such a nuisance to reinstall all the chart data and so on again...

Plus, sailing around the world for three years, not having an address and being an Australian resident with a foreign Passport makes you eligible for all sorts of Government trojans of several sides which does some changes to your systems as well.

O.k., let's see how a reinstall works...

Oh, I am running NX of a 16Gb stick..

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