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can I update&&upgrade navigatrix - as a whole distro?
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Author:  migacz [ 12 Apr 2016, 16:52 ]
Post subject:  can I update&&upgrade navigatrix - as a whole distro?

Excellent distro!
I ve installed the latest version, and with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade was trying to update whole system - lot of errors. Is it possible at all?
With regards, M.

Author:  Markus [ 01 May 2016, 04:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: can I update&&upgrade navigatrix - as a whole distro?

You can probably do it with (quite) a bit of manual intervention but I don't think it's recommended. Navigatrix gets many pieces of software to work together that are not neccessarily designed to do so easily. I understand that in order to do this Navigatrix errs on the side of "robustness" rather than "bleeding edge". Hence it may not always have the latest version of a given software package but one that works reliably, also with other parts of the system.

A quote from the Navigatrix documentation:
Finally, a word about upgrades. The Package Manager also provides an option to mark all possible upgrades for installation. This will check for all your installed packages if a newer version is available from a repository and, if so, mark this newer version for installation (you can also do this for individual packages). Use this option only with extreme care and only if you have a good reason to replace an existing package by a newer version. The software industry has been very good at conditioning us to believe that “upgrade = newer = better” - which in many cases is simply not true and/or heavily depends on what you intend to do with an application. If an application is stable and does what you need it to do, replacing it by a newer version will - in many cases - not gain you anything but introduce a less mature and less stable product. The applications that ship with Navigatrix have been carefully put together to do what they need to do without getting in each others’ way. Hence Navigatrix may not include the latest available version of an application but one that is robust and works with all the other stuff in Navigatrix. Keep this in mind before upgrading to newer versions of packages (for which there may be good reasons in specific cases).

As mentioned above there may be good reasons to upgrade a specific application (see docs linked above) but I would carefully check for dependencies and conflicts before pressing the button. Overall we found that not having to worry about constant software updates was blessing while being underway.

Author:  Markus [ 01 May 2016, 04:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: can I update&&upgrade navigatrix - as a whole distro?

On a separate but related note (you probably have done this already but it may be helpful to others hiiting this thread in a search): Navigatrix does not provide an easy mechanism to upgrade from one major version of Navigatrix to another (e.g. from "Navigatrix 0.4" to "Navigatrix 0.5") as you need to essentially replace the existing installation with the new one (these release changes are relatively rare). The process becomes a lot less painful if you have set up your home directory in a separate partition. In this case you can just drop in the new system files into their dedicated partition but retain all your data and configuration files. The only thing you then need to do manually is to re-install any software packages that you had installed on top of the out-of-the-box Navigatrix installation. Details can be found in the Navigatrix Documentation (look under "Installation type -> 3. Something else").

Author:  migacz [ 04 May 2016, 18:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: can I update&&upgrade navigatrix - as a whole distro?

Thank You Markus, for the valuable information. I have started to study manual. But it seems I ve must overlooked the real elephant in the room.
with regards M.

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